Design Better, Build Faster
Nitrozen is an open design language to help you think, design and build valuable experiences.
The Power of Nitrozen
Design engaging, productive and delightful experiences and build habit forming products and services.
Think for Humans
A well thought out experience can
make people act towards a purpose
as if they are habitual to it. We also
help people be more proactive.
Design for Usability
A well designed experience make
people coherent with value offered
by the product. It also creates an
unique identity of the product.
Build for Scale
Building a good experience is like
creating a good story. It creates a
envoronment for people to interact
with the product.
Nitrozen Resources
20+ generic UI components for all your product designs
100+ themes with 3 varients for any product design
10+ modern font families for the perfect persona
200+ hues and shades to stylize your product design
Nitrozen will make you 10x
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